Smart Controller (Concept Imagery)

Remote Home Elements:

Standard statusbar
Quick Remote changer (Spinner)
Quick Remote (Phone icon)
Quick Server Swap (Monitor icon)

Running Apps Tab

Displays apps like the status pane. Swipe to the side closes, clicking swaps to the app
clicking the icon switches to the preferred remote
Computer name displayed at bottom.

Favorite Apps Tab
Includes appart instead of standard icon.
Includes description of app.
Clicking launches (or switches to) app and remote.

Installed Apps Tab
Standard android style app launcher w/ all apps available on the server.

Remote Controller Elements:

Back to server home page (Android app button)
Current app name or remote name??
Swipe tabs of remotes; swipe between remotes

Global keyboard entry bar?

Default Controller
Multicolor touch trackers w/ animations
Advanced Gesture based input
Type bar for spell checking and revising user input. Also launches keyboard.

Default Controller w/ Keyboard
Back closes keyboard
Enter clears input

Media Controller
Now playing appstring and appimage
Simplified remote input buttons.
Hold icons for advanced menus:

Navigation Keys

Media Keys