Codename: 2Times Over

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This album was started at the release of FL Studio 7, which was roughly a year ago. I made a few very rough copies of what I have now and stopped making music for a while. Two months ago, when I heard FL Studio 8 was going to be released soon, I picked it up again. Below the player, you will find some information about the songs. Click here to discuss this album (Or just comment) on the forums! When leaving your comment, please include which version of the album art you like best!

1. 38 Minutes

This song was named "38 Minutes" because I started writing at about midnight. By the time I finished the rough draft, the clock read 00:38 (In 24hr time). Funny thing is, I've spent at least another hour on this song tweaking the synths, changing the percussion, and adding a whole instrument. This track wasn't really finished in 38 minutes. It's more like it started in 38 minutes.

2. Broken Carnival

Wasn't feeling all that great when I wrote this. That, and I was tweaking with Toxic Biohazard (New at the time) and got this great creepy sound out of it. Haunted carnival. Then when writing the guitar riff, I couldn't get the right sound, so I claimed my computer was broken and started trying it on my guitar. Finally got what I wanted and wrote it out on the computer and it worked. Thus, Broken Carnival.

3. Heerih Tear

Ok, this song sounds kind of depressing. I only wrote about half of it when I first saved it with an actual name. I named it Hear a Tear because it was sad, it rhymed, and the words were relevant. I finished the song with a very positive chord because people generally feel better after they cry. Finished the song and realized Hear a Tear was a terrible name for a song, so I messed with the words until I got Heerih Tear. Sounds pretty much the same, but doesn't look quite as rediculous.

4. Holo Nisit

Here's another one with a stupid song behind it. This song is very repetitive. When I was writing it, I didn't know where to finish it, so I saved it as "How long is it going to be?" Well, it's one minute and 42 seconds. Changed the name a bit and got Holo Nisit. Funny thing is, after I wrote it, I was listening to Nightwish and realized my main riff sounded exactly like Astral Romance. I don't know if it was pure coincidence or a subconscious thing, but I decided against trashing it.

5. Midway to Nowhere

This song was written about a time my friend and I were driving in the middle of nowhere and got lost. We finally figured out where we were and he said, "Oh, looks like we're midway to nowhere." I thought that was great. The whole time we were listening to Rush. When that playlist ran through, we played a bit of Nightwish. Anyways, the guitar part was inspired by Nightwish, and those 80s toms are all Rush.

6. Rendum Synens

By now you know how I like to change my stupid titles into something meaningless, so here's another. This one is great, random sentence. Sentence because the whole song stops to take a breath. Random because most of this song was just random notes in a scale. Maybe it was luck, or maybe writing notes in harmony is just second nature. Either way, I think it sounds fine.

7. Revenge of the Oldskool

Revenge of the Oldskool was originally written for a school project. This one's actually relatively old (First drafted about a year ago). And the song just came back for revenge, I guess. Not much to this one, one synth and a sliced drum beat.

8. The Rapture Phaze

This one's pretty nerdy. I took some of the progressions used in the song Welcome to Rapture from the video game Bioshock, put them in a very futuristic-sounding synth, and went with it. Seems to work. Added a very juicy synth to retain the underwater theme of the game.

9. Upping the Tempo

Uncreative. Sorry, but this song is named purely after the fact that the biggest change in the song is the tempo.

10. Who Gives a Shit

The title is supposed to sound pessimistic purely to create irony. While not the best, this song is probably the cheeriest sounding one I've made. Maybe even obnoxiously cheery. Oh well, enjoy the irony. Oooh, that'd be a good song title.